December 2014  
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Principal Points: December

As the 2014 calendar year comes to a close,judith AMHS is alive with the energy of Senior Thesis presentations, with the rush of the college application season, and with the frenzy of the new admissions. Although Magnet is always active and energized, this time of year is especially "charged," and this level of excitement will stay with us until the holiday break which begins at the close of school on Friday, December 19, 2014.  School will resume on January 5, 2015.


Special Dates on the Horizon:


January 9-14, 2015: Semester Exams during the school day

  •  January 9th: 1 A and 3 A exams
  •  January 12th: 1 B and 3 B exams
  •  January 13th: 2 A and 4 A exams
  •  January 14th: 2 B and 4 B exams

     January 8, 2015: Junior Parent Night at AMHS. 6:00pm in the Lecture Hall. The guidance counselors will discuss the PSAT scores, the coming ACT test in April for all juniors, the first steps in the college application process, and the websites that can assist with the college search. It's an important evening; please, set it aside now.


      January 28, 2015: All-School Convocation with Dr. Rupert Nacoste, author and professor of psychology at North Carolina State University. Dr. Rupert will share with us insights about human relations and challenge us all to work hard and to become strong and independent thinkers and citizens.


Every day at AMHS is exciting and dynamic, and the new year lies ahead with even more opportunities for growth and development. Thank you for your continuing support as AMHS moves ahead into the season of college applications, thesis presentations, holiday activities and plans for the future. If we can help with anything, please call us at 746-1300.


Happy Holidays, Magnet!

We wish everyone a very special holiday season!


Judith Peterson, AMHS Principal

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