Winners of the Milton Wolf 1st Winner Award

Milton Wolf award winners
Pictured from left to right:  Maya Pai, Ruth Middleton and Melissa Kubu, Manager of volunteer and guest services at MUSC Children's Hospital

Over the summer two AMHS students, Ruth Middleton and Maya Pai (both 9G) along with one SOA student, Jonathan Yi (9G) received The Milton Wolf 1st Winner Award for their Community Service Project, MUSC Bibs for Babes.  

Ruth, Maya and Jonathan decided to donate their entire $500 Milton Wolf Award back to Buist Academy for the continuance of the Bibs for Babes project at Buist Academy.  Approximately 80 bibs were made last year as well as a written step by step procedure of the weighted bib for the MUSC website. (The weighted bib has rice sewn in that may be warmed to provide comfort for the infant.)

As new high school freshmen this year, Ruth, Maya (of AMHS) and Jonathan (SOA) are talking about starting a Magnet/SOA Sewing Club to continue MUSC Bibs for Babes at the High School level. Currently, other than a very expensive purchase alternative, these Bibs for Babes Community Service Students are the sole supplier to MUSC Children's Hospital.  We are all very proud of them.  The award was presented for excellence in the analysis and presentation of a community problem and how to address it.

Centropa & the Milton and Roslyn Wolf Foundation invite American students, grades 6-12, to participate in community projects that put them in the position of Milton Wolf when he reached out to help Zeyneba Hardaga. He was a Jew. She was a Muslim. He lived in America. She was in Bosnia. She needed visas, medical help, and a new home. Milton Wolf did not stop until he made it all happen.

 The Milton Wolf Prize is  given to students in the United States who investigate a problem in their community, research the resources that exist for addressing that problem, and create a video or other presentation (for example, PowerPoint, Prezi) that educates their community about the problem and how they can help address it. “Community” can refer to a school community, or the broader community, and they invite school classes, youth groups, club and civics/community service organizations to enter the competition.

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