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Mrs. Benton’s

Honors Theory of Knowledge & Senior Thesis Preparation

 Information Sheet

Hello, Parents and Students,

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year; I am eager to work together to help the students reach their full potential.  

Below, I’ve put together some FAQs based on common Open House discussions from years past:

Sometimes, questions can be answered by glancing at the Course Outline (found in the parent letter) or by referring to the Senior Thesis Handbook (found on the school’s website). Your child will be given a copy of the Senior Thesis Handbook in class around the time of the Thesis Proposal, but we will look at it frequently in class prior to their distribution.

Q: When does my child have to have a thesis topic?

A: Establishing a “good” thesis topic plagues many students and parents alike. But, fear not! The courses are designed to take the students through an inquiry and exploration process intended to lead them to a relevant and researchable topic that will keep them happy and motivated through the life of their project.

Specifically, we begin investigating the students’ interest right away on the first day of class and then work continually on detailed topic exercises. This year, we are asking students to commit to a topic by October 18, the end of the 1st nine weeks. We will begin topic-specific work in the 2nd 9 weeks and close the 1st semester with their Thesis Proposal.

Q: How does my child find a mentor? Do I have to find one for him/her? By when should my child have his/her mentor?

A: We will facilitate securing a mentor for your child. The school has a database of previous and potential professionals in the community whom the faculty advisor will contact on behalf of your child. The students will learn in class how to research for and compile a list of potential mentors to then pass on to the advisor. You do not need to contact anyone yourself. Mentors are established in the early part of the 2nd quarter, and faculty advisors are assigned following the Winter Break.

Q: Thesis seems overwhelming. What can my child do to succeed in this class and with his/her Thesis?

A: While the Senior Thesis in its entirety encompasses a wide skill set and many hours of original work, the thesis process is created to enhance the entire experience. If a student keeps up with the class deadlines and truly invests him/herself in the assignments, then the thesis work will not only be “do-able” but also very satisfying (possibly, even joyful!). It’s when a student lets him/herself fall behind that the thesis class and subsequent process becomes daunting and unmanageable. It is imperative that a student let me know immediately if/when he or she has questions about how to complete the assignments or about how to proceed with some aspect of the thesis process. If speaking in person isn’t comfortable at first, then the student should email me (see above).

2017-2018 class codes:

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Typed and printed applications for the 2016-2017 College of Charleston HHMI Grants are due to Mrs. Benton no later than Monday, February 6, 2017.

2016-2017 College of Charleston HHMI Program Grant Application.docx

An extension MAY be granted IF the methods are unable to be completed at no fault of the student. Poor planning, poor time management, and business do not warrant an extension. To request an extension, the student should email Mrs. Benton with an explanation of circumstances as well as PLAN to complete the methods and a projected DATE of completion. The explanation of circumstances must be substantiated by the mentor IN WRITING. The student can forward an email from the mentor to Mrs. Benton, or the mentor can email Mrs. Benton directly. Remember, all extension requests are due IN ADVANCE of the deadline.

Hello, Juniors!

Here's a direct link to the usernames and passwords for all databases.

Please visit this Harvard Writing Program website which has many writing guides for various disciplines and types of thesis work.

Begin preparing for your thesis by contemplating possible research topics that intereste you; read lots of non-fiction articles and examine whatever catches your mind's eye. 

Managing your time and deadlines is imperative to a successful thesis experience. Check your calendars often, and turn in all work on time!

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mail me with any questions:

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