General Art Class Information

Art , Room 7151

Micheline Callicott


Attached are the course syllabus and supply needs for the year.  Following is general information regarding classroom management and office hours.

How To Pass

I grade using a point system.  Normally, major assignments/tests are worth 100 points.  Daily classwork/homeworks are worth 10-50 points.  If you put forth your best effort, listen and contribute to discussions, and keep the art room clean your grade will reflect it.

Classroom Rules/Consequences

Each student is required to (in addition to AMHS/CCSD rules) to:

  1. Keep the art room clean and orderly (even if it’s not your mess)
  2. Put forth your best effort (don’t be slack!) and show up to class on time
  3. Turn cell phones OFF in the art room (CCSD rule!)
  4. Students are permitted to listen to personal music players that are NOT part of a cell phone.
  5. Use art materials properly and as directed.  Don’t paint or draw on yourself or your classmates or art room furnishings.

The consequence sequence is:

Verbal warning, teacher/student conference, teacher/parent contact, administrative involvement

Lab Materials

In order to have art supplies, I rely on your generosity.  Materials are not provided by the school district.  The fee is $20.00 for Art 1. The AP Art fee is $25.00. This covers everything from paper to photographic film.  Field trips are not included in this fee.

Each student also needs to bring in a roll of paper towels—art can be pretty messy business.  Optional materials are facial tissues and a coverall or smock.

Thanks for helping me create a great program!  I look forward to meeting your students J.

How to Contact Me

My conference day is Thursday afternoon at 3:30 p.m.  I can be reached at the school at 843.746-1300, extension 26240.  My email address is: or through my website,

Please, don’t hesitate to contact me.  I want to help. 



Micheline Callicott, NBCT