Honors World Literature

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Mrs. Benton’s Honors World Literature

 Information Sheet



Hello, Parents and Students,

Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year; I am eager to work together to help the students reach their full potential.  

Below, I’ve put together some FAQs based on common Open House discussions from years past:

Q: What are the keys to success in the class?

A: Generally, my best advice is to do the homework. Homework is intended to help the student practice skills addressed in class and/or prepare for the next class’ material. Keeping up with the homework also is a good way to handle time management; if the student is completing the daily homework, then s/he is more likely to be structuring his/her time well. Finally, homework is graded, so completing the homework helps keep the grade where we all want it to be: up!

Additionally, in order to be successful, the student must communicate openly with the teacher about his/her questions and challenges. If speaking up in class isn’t comfortable, then the student should email me (see above) or come during lunch or after school for help.

Q: How many books will my child read for this class?

A: Since Honors World Literature surveys ancient texts, we will actually only read a few books as most of the writings were not bound and/or published in the past. Students have already completed three of the books for Summer Reading, and they will later read Julius Caesar as well as a chosen outside novel (see syllabus online). All other readings will come from the textbook.

Q: How much writing is my child expected to complete?

A: Typically, we will work on two major writing assignments per each nine-week grading period. These writing assignments will cover a range of genres including expository essay and persuasive speech, and we will complete a writing process for each assignment, usually including drafting, peer revision, and rewriting.

Hello, Freshmen!

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