Junius Wright

 Junius Wright
Junius Wright has taught European Literature and Creative Writing at the Academic Magnet for the past fifteen years.  To help students discover the meeting point between their natural aptitude and personal passion, Junius promises he will:
  • require students to take on the serious material, in literature, history, philosophy, music, art, and film.
  • provide a classroom atmosphere that encourages intellectual curiosity and a hunger for knowledge.
  • nurture an internal dialogue that will help students use their imagination to play with what they learn.
  • challenge students to use their creativity to make something new, come up with new solutions to problems, and even think of new problems or questions.

Junius has been sharing his classroom discoveries with other teachers through consulting, workshops, and publications. He has served as an educational consultant to Redux Gallery, The Gibbes Museum of Art, and The Spoleto Festival. He has presented and conducted his visual literacy workshop at numerous conferences including the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) national conference in New York City. Junius has also shared many of his ideas through written publications. As a writer for NCTE’s on-line site ReadWriteThink, He has shared his innovative ideas with thousands of teachers across the nation. With his wife, Tracy, Junius has authored thirty issues of The Bic Teacher Times a newsletter that shares innovative ideas and tips for the classroom teacher. All of Junius’ lessons, consulting concepts, and workshops were developed through the Visual Literacy Project, a program he created to help teachers integrate visual literacy into the traditional classroom curriculum.