( Mary) Joy Altman


Welcome to the Francophone World!  
Bienvenue à tous!

You will learn French by studying the language and culture of the Francophone world in an atmosphere where you are encouraged to make cultural observations and comparisons in an increasingly global world.  You will express yourself in spoken and written French in a variety of formal and informal contexts.


                        Ph.D Catholic University of America, 1992, French Literature
                        MS Georgetown University, 1983, French Linguistics
                        BA, College of Charleston, 1979, Political Science
                        National Board Certification: French
                        Gifted and Talented Endorsed


                           1A   AP French                          1B    French V Honors
                           2A   French III Honors                  2B   Planning

                           3A   Planning                          3B  AP French

                          4A    12th Focus                       4B  French III Honors