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Course Description

French1  In French 1 the student can expect to learn basic expressions, vocabulary, grammatical structures, simple questions and answers(present tense).  The material is learned through contextual units or themes: Getting Acquainted, Describing Oneself and Others, Food and Restaurants, Money and Shopping, School and Education, Daily Activities, Getting Around Town, Possessions and their Description, Buying Clothes, Leisure Activities.

In French 2 students will continue to develop and expand language skills learned in French 1.  They can expect to learn and to be able to perform more complex communication tasks in all four language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.  These will include such things as extended and creative conversation, past and future narration in all tenses with the use of complex sentences, in depth discussion of other places, people, and events, respond to various stimuli and deal with the unexpected.  

The Honors French 3 and French 4 courses are designed to develop linguistic proficiency at an advanced level and to further develop cultural sensitivity with an emphasis on demonstrating a certain level of proficiency in oral and written communication of the French language.