Evelyn Oliveira

     Welcome to Spanish 2 with Señora Oliveira!  I am excited to have you continue to explore and learn the Spanish language with me this year.  I consider myself a global citizen - both my family of origin and my chosen family span multiple continents (South America, North America and Africa). I have a deep awareness of my global community and I enjoy celebrating the many cultures around our world. Teaching a foreign language has been a vehicle for me to share my passion for cross-cultural understanding and relationship-building. Learning a foreign language can open so many doors - whether you ever leave your country of origin or not. Learning a foreign language can increase your individual potential by making connections with other academic subjects and by developing your communication skills. I believe that exposure to other cultures can also help foster more peace and justice in our world. Changing the world starts small. Who knows what change will be fostered here at the AMHS for you or your son/daughter this year? I am happy to walk alongside you/your child this year in Spanish 2!  My contact information is listed below.  Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.


Looking forward to a great year!  ¡Bienvenidos!


Ms. Evelyn Oliveira

AMHS Spanish II