Carrie Renes

 Mrs. Renes

Room 7121

Educational Background

Citadel Graduate College:   M.A.E. in Mathematics
Mars Hill University:
B.S. in Mathematics Teacher Certification grades 9-12
                                  B.A. in Religion & Philosophical Studies
College of Charleston:   Endorsed in Gifted & Talented Education


1A: Algebra 2 Honors        1B: Planning

2A: PreCalculus Honors    2B: Algebra 2 Honors

3A: Planning                       3B: PreCalculus Honors

4A: Algebra 2 Honors        4B: 11th Grade Focus

Office Hours for Tutoring are by appointment,
During Focus 4B, or on most Mon/Wed afternoons 3:30-4:30

Academic Extensions/Interests:

Morality. Ethics. Metaphysics. Epistemology.
Ontology. Aesthetics. Psychology. Logic & Reasoning. Space. Time. The Universe!
ANCIENT Cultures. LOVE the Greeks!
Western Philosophy. Eastern Philosophy.

Personal Interests:
Art, Food, Animals, Music, Athletics, Health.