Krista Cornehl
Room: 7118
Phone: 746-1300

    1A - AP Calculus AB          1B - H Precalculus
    2A - Planning                     2B - Planning
    3A - H Calculus                  3B - AP Calculus AB
    4A - Senior Focus              4B - H Precalculus

***Individual class information can be found using the tabs for the class to the left. 

Note: The math department works together to have common course content and assignments, regardless of teacher.  The following teachers also teach the same courses I do:

H Precalculus - Mr. Johnston, Ms. Renes, and Mr. Percy
H Calculus - Ms. McIntyre
AP Calculus AB - I am the only AB teacher, however Mr. Johnston teaches AP Calculus BC.

Please feel free to contact me anytime!