Sully Johnston

Mathematics Department Chair - Room 7119

Blue-Winged Teal

AP Calculus BC
Honors Mutivariable Calculus
Honors Precalculus

Office Hours: Monday 3:30 - 4:30pm

Planning Periods (2016-2017): 1B, 2A

Available by appointment before school hours 7:30-8:30 am

**Free Mu Alpha Theta tutoring by students: B-days during lunch room 7116**

Phone: 7461300

Links to Honors Precalculus resources below.

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Notes: AMHS Mathematics Department Web Page

Unit 1 Outline: Unit 1 Outline.pdf

Unit 1 Handout Answers: Precal Unit 1 handout answers.pdf

Unit 2 Outline: Precal- Unit 2 Outline.pdf

Unit 2 Handout Answers: Unit_2_Handout_Answers.pdf

Unit 3 Outline: Unit 3 Outline_2016_2017.pdf

Unit 3 Handout Answers: Unit3_Answers_Handouts_2016_2017.pdf

Unit 4 Outline: Unit 4 Outline-1.pdf

Unit 4 Handout Answers: Precal_Answers_Unit4Handouts.pdf

Unit5 Outline: Precal_Unit 5_ Outline_2016.pdf

Unit 5 Handout Answers:Unit 5_Answers.pdf

Unit 5 Ext. :Precalculus_Unit 5 extension_2016_2017.pdf

Unit 5 Ext Outline: Precalculus_Unit 5 extension_Outline_2016-2017.pdf

Unit 6 Outline: Unit 6 Outline_Logs & Exp.pdf

Unit 6 Notes: Precal_Notes_Unit_6_2016_2017.pdf

Unit 6 Handout Answers: Unit6_answers_only.pdf

Unit 7 Notes: Precal_Notes_Unit_7-1.pdf

Unit 7 Outline: Precal_Unit 7 Outline.pdf

Unit 7 Handout Answers : Unit_7_Handouts_Answers.pdf

Unit 8 Outline: Unit 8 Outline.pdf

Unit8 Notes: Precal_Unit_8_Notes_2017.pdf

Unit 9 Outline: Unit 9 Outline.pdf

Unit 9 Notes: Precal_Unit_9_Notes_2017.pdf

Unit 10 Outline: Unit 10 Outline.pdf

Unit10 Notes: Notes_Unit 10_Sequences_Series_2017.pdf

Logarithms Homework 1: Handout 5.3 Homework (Logarithms).pdf

Logarithms Homework 2: Handout 5.4 Homework (Word Problems).pdf

Unit 11 - Outline - Precal_Unit_11_Homework Outline.pdf

Unit 11 - Vectors in the plane: Precal_Notes_Unit 11.pdf

Multivariable Calculus Links:


Double Integral Riemann Applet

BC Calculus Links

Previous years free response questions: College Board BC Calculus Website

Assignment 1 answers:  BCanswersday1assignment.pdf

Solids of Revolution Applet

Cross Sections Applets

Washer Method

Honors Calculus Links

Final Exam Study Guide: honorscalcpdf.pdf


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