1st 9 wks Alg 1
Monday, Sept. 21st: Function Notation, Domain, Range  Class Notes
Tonight's Homework: Analyze the graph

Wednesday, Sept. 23rd: Functions Extra Practice

Friday, Sept. 25th: Genius Hour

Tuesday, Sept. 27th: Extrema, Increasing, Decreasing, Constant
Class Notes
Class Work: Given in class

Thursday, Sept. 29th: Functions Quiz 

Monday, Oct. 3rd: Cumulative Review 

Wednesday, Oct. 5th: Cumulative Test #2

Friday, Oct. 7th: Genius Hour

Wednesday, Aug. 31st: Relationships between Quantities and Reasoning   with Equations: Lessons 1 - 3
Tonight's Homework: Given in class

Wednesday, Sept. 7th: Finish Unit 1

Friday, Sept. 9th: Genius Hour

Tuesday, Sept. 13th: Review for Unit 1 Test
Writing Eq of Lines Practice 

Simplifying Radicals Practice

Thursday, Sept. 15th: Unit 1 Test
Tonight's Homework: Textbook Page 218 #1 - 23 odd

Monday, Aug. 15th: Day 1: Basic Skills Diagnostic Test
Tonight's Homework: Basic Skills Day 1 HW

Wednesday, Aug.17th: Day 2: Algebra I Diagnostic Test
Tonight's Homework: Algebra I Overview Day 2 HW

Friday, Aug. 19th: Genius Hour Intro

Tuesday, Aug. 23rd: Algebra I Overview Review  (Class Notes)
Tonight's Homework: Algebra I Overview Day 3 HW 

Thursday, Aug. 25th: Wrap-up of Algebra I Overview (Class Notes)

Monday, Aug. 29th: Algebra I Overview Quiz