2nd 9 wks Alg 1
Monday, Nov. 7th: Introduction to Quadratics (Day 1)

Wednesday, Nov. 16th: Graphing Quadratics (Day 2)

Friday, Nov. 18th: Genius Hour

Tuesday, Nov. 29th: Solving Quadratics: Graphing and Square Roots (Day 3)
Tonight's Homework: Solving Quadratics Application

Thursday, Dec. 1st:Solving: 
Quadratic Formula (Day 4)
Tonight's Homework: Sec. 8.9 #25 - 27

Monday, Dec. 5th: Quadratics Quiz Graphing and Solving

Wednesday, Dec. 7th: Solving Quadratics: Factoring and Completing the Square(Day 5)
Tonight's Homework: Solving Quadratics Worksheet

Friday, Dec. 9th: GENIUS HOUR

Tuesday, Dec. 13th: Quadratics 
Word Problems

Thursday, Dec. 15th: Quadratics Quiz: Factoring and Completing the Square

Monday, Jan. 2nd: Quadratics Review (C DAY)

Tuesday, Jan. 3rd: Quadratics Review

Thursday, Jan. 5th: Quadratics Test Review Answers
Quadratics Homework Due on Wednesday!!
Monday, Jan. 9th: 1A and 3A
Tuesday, Jan. 10th 1B and 3B
Wednesday, Jan. 11th: 2A and 4A
Thursday, Jan. 12th: 2B and 4B

Monday, Oct. 17th: Individual Help Sessions/Performance Task

Wednesday, Oct. 19th: PSAT (30 min class)

Friday, Oct. 21st: Genius Hour

Monday, Oct. 24th: Individual Help Session/Performance Task

Wednesday, Oct. 26th:
  Group Performance Task

Friday, Oct. 28th: Genius Hour

Tuesday, Nov. 1st:
Group Performance Task

Thursday, Nov. 3rd: Individual Skills Quiz