Unit 5 Energy
We will need to move swiftly from here on out.

Unit 5 consists of Chapters 12 Non renewable Energy and Chapter 13- Renewable Energy

January 9 and 10
Go over midterm.  Correct on own sheet of paper.  What is the main point that you missed?  correct your misconception
Begin Lecture 12 Non renewable rescources

January 11 and 12
Bring your book Pg 341 Measuring your impact (calculations with a partner)
More Lecture chapter 12. 

January 16 and 17
Free response
Airplane lab for Bday on 17th
reverse this for next class the 18th and 19th. 

January 22 and 23
Lecture Renewable Energy Chapter 13
Redesign your present home to make it Sustainable Pg 347-349
hand in at end of class if possible

January 24-25
Finish chapter 13 Lecture
Review for Test

January 26 and January 29 TEST Chapter 12 and 13.