Semester Review
The 1st semester exam will be cumulative for the material covered in quarters 1 & 2.

You are responsible for creating a semester review section (new tab) in your Chemistry DILL which will involve writing a unit review for each of the four units covered in the 1st semester.
The student will prepare a thorough written review of each unit in this designated section of the DILL:

1.  Divide the page into two vertical halves...the left half will have sample or example problems from the unit and the right half will have a carefully written 'steps to solve' the problem. The  student will decide on the number of sample problems for each of the units. (Examples of these have been provided in each class.)

2. Each unit will have a written reflection section following the unit where the student will list or discuss strengths and weaknesses along with a plan to address the latter.

3. The instructor's will assess the quality of the DILL semester review for each student and make recommendations for revision or extension.