Unit 1: Nomenclature
Monday, August 15 (A Day)  and Tuesday, August 16 (B Day)
Homework Given Today That is Due Next Class:
1)   Make sure you and your parents have thoroughly read the following important document found in your workbook:
a.  Parent/Student Letter that outlines the expectations of this course. 
b.  Lab Safety Contract
c.  Cheating Policy.
2)  You and your parent should sign the Policy and Procedure Agreement found in your workbook.  Do NOT REMOVE this from the workbook.

2)  Watch the Nomenclature Part 1 Video.
Make sure to take notes in your DILL as you watch the video.  If you have not had time to purchase the notebook, write your notes on a sheet of paper.  You will have to later transfer this into your DILL.

Wednesday, August 17 (A Day) and Thursday, August 18 (B Day)
Homework Given Today That is Due Next Class:
1)  Review the notes you have taken so far for a short quiz next class!
2)  Watch Nomenclature Part 2 Podcast.  Take notes in your DILL.
3)  Watch Nomenclature Part 3 Podcast.  Take notes in your DILL.

Friday, August 19 (A Day) and Monday, August 22 (B Day)
1)  Make sure you buy all of your needed supplies for this class over the weekend if you haven't done so already! 
2)  Complete pages 18-22 in the workbook...POGIL: Naming Ionic Compounds.

Tuesday, August 23 (A Day) and Wednesday, August 24 (B Day)
1)  Finish the POGIL worksheet on Polyatomic Ions.
3) WORKBOOK: Work on the ionic nomenclature problems on page 36 (#1-15) and page 37 (# 25-39)
4) Your next quiz will cover ionic compound nomenclature (Mr. Eicher's class will not have polyatomic ions on the quiz but Mrs. Eicher's class will!)

Thursday, August 25 (A Day) and Friday, August 26 (B Day)
1)  Make sure you have completed the lab.  This will be taken up next class! 
2)  Complete workbook pages 30-33 on the next POGIL (Covalent Nomenclature).
3) You are welcome to work the rest of the nomenclature problems on pp. 36-37 as well...these will not be checked next class and are there for your practice!
*The problems on p. 38 are mixed nomenclature...perfect example set for practicing for a future nomenclature quiz or for the coming unit test!

Monday, August 29 (A Day) and Tuesday, August 30 (B Day)
1)  Work on practice problems in your workbook pages 42 and 43 to help prepare you for the quiz you will have next class on all the nomenclature we've done so far!  You need to be sure you check the key to these pages to be sure you are doing it correctly.  You can check the workbook during 3B Focus in Mr. Eicher and Ms. Langley's room.

2)  You can do plenty of practice problems in the workbook in order to prepare yourself for the quiz.  Pages 44-50 are all pages full of nomenclature practice!!!!

3)  You can also re-watch the instructional videos if you need a refresher on anything taught. 
Acid Nomenclature Video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qb3D83tuMX0

Wednesday, August 31 (A Day) and Thursday, September 1 (B Day)
1)  We will be having our Unit 1 Test next week (Thursday September 8 for B Day and Friday, September 9 for A Day)!!  This will cover the periodic table basics, all of nomenclature as well as all of the information from the Properties of Ionic Compounds Lab and the Properties of Covalent Molecules Lab.
2)  Make sure that you have completed all the workbook pages that have been assigned for this unit before the test next week.
Workbook pages 13-38 and 42-43 should all be complete!!
3)  Make sure that your DILL is complete for Unit 1.  A complete DILL should have the following:
a.  Table of Contents
b.  Page numbers on every page
c.  Titles on each entry (specify if the notes are from video or class)
d.  Returned quizzes with corrections
e.  Labs
f.  You need to be sure your name is on the front or on the inside front cover.
g.  If you have glued or taped pages into your DILL, make sure that they are placed neatly in where the pages do not extend out of the notebook!