Unit 2: Chemical Reactions and Equations
This unit will require a comprehensive mastery of the nomenclature unit you just learned!

Monday, September 12 (B Day) and Tuesday, September 13 (A Day)
Homework given today that is due next class:
1)  Watch Podcast on Identifying Types of Reactions.  Take notes in your DILL.
2)  Watch the podcast on Balancing Chemical Equations if you did not understand it when we taught it in class.
3)  Practice balancing chemical equations in your workbook page 81.

Wed, September 14 (B Day) and Thursday, September 15 (A Day)
Homework given today that is due next class:
1)  Prepare for a quiz next class. The quiz will be word equations that you must turn into equations with formulas and then balance the equation.  You will also need to identify the type of reaction.  The quiz will be very similar to pages 89-91 in your workbook so make sure that you have completed those pages and checked the key!
2)  Watch the podcast on Predicting Products in Chemical Reactions and take notes in your DILL.

Friday, September 16 (B Day) and Monday, September 19 (A Day)
Make sure you have fully completed pages 89-91 in the workbook!  Many of you felt you did not have enough time on the last quiz but you were given an adequate amount of time.  How do you get faster?  You have to practice, practice, practice!  Also, you need to practice balancing chemical equations so you can become faster at that as well.

Tuesday, September 20 (B Day) and Wednesday, September 21 (A Day)
Make sure you have completed pages 92-94.
You will have a quiz next class on predicting products.  The quiz will be very much like pages 95-96 in the workbook so you should work on those pages and check the key to be fully prepared for the quiz.

Thursday, September 22 and Friday, September 23
Watch the video on net ionic reactions and take notes in your DILL.

Make sure you know how to predict products for all reaction types!  If you feel like you didn't do well on the predicting products quiz, get help immediately from Mr. Eicher or Ms. Langley during FOCUS!

Test Schedule Change:  'B' Day classes will have the test on Thursday instead of Tue. due to the short periods for the Career Symposium. ('A' day classes will still test on Wed.)

DILL: Make sure you have updated your DILL prior to your next class period. Additionally, you should have completed the lab as well and you certainly should have examined the equations from the lab for accuracy!
(FYI: many students may be disappointed with their decisions on some of the reactions after they are graded!)

Hints for the H. Chemistry student all year long:
The prepared student will always enter the Honors Chemistry classroom having looked over their notes and classwork from the last session to ensure comfort with the material!
(This should normally require no more than 10 minutes on average...assuming you completed all of the practice problems associated with the material in your workbook!)