Unit 3: Handling Numbers
Make sure you bring your calculator to every class for this unit!!

The following videos are excellent resources for you to view if you need extra help with metric conversions or significant figures. 

Metric Conversions and Dimensional Analysis:


Significant Figure Videos:

Chemistry Workbook Assignments:
You should be able to complete the following pages by the end of this week based upon your teacher's progress:

*pp. 54 & 59 for just metrics...
*pp. 55-58 and 61-72 for significant figures (yes, renumber all of those "p. 59" pages)
*pp. 73-76 for both metrics and sig. figs.

(The unit review is on pp. 77-79 so you may want to wait on attempting these pages until your teacher announces when the large unit quiz is scheduled...this will give you the opportunity to get some quality practice in on the problems for the quiz!)

The chemistry classes are a little off schedule from each other so make sure you pay attention in class to find out what your homework assignments are!  All classes should be prepared for a quiz this week on metric conversions and possibly significant figures (depending on if your teacher got to this or not).

Large Quiz Thursday and Friday this week!!!
This unit will have a large quiz in place of a unit test (too small to warrant a 100 pt test) which will take place this Thursday and Friday (11/3 & 11/4) so make sure you feel very comfortable with all of the material covered in our workbook and DILL for Unit '2' - Handling Numbers (pages 50-78 in the workbook).