Unit 5: Atomic Structure and Periodic Table Trends
This is a very conceptual unit which requires the student to think on a higher level to fully master the material. Make sure you review and practice the problems in the workbook as we proceed!

Homework for Monday, (2/13) "A-Day" and Tuesday, (2/14) B-Day.

1. Complete any part of the Modeling Atoms activity from class today and carefully attach it in your DILL. [Make sure you have a new tab started in your DILL for this unit!]
2. Watch the podcast (link below) and take general notes in your DILL right after you inserted the Modeling Atoms activity.

Homework for Monday/Tuesday (Feb. 21)
*If you were on the AP Bio field trip, you will need to complete the following pages in your workbook: 151-156. Additionally, you could continue and complete pp. 157-159 which are related to the POGIL on the earlier pages. These will need to be completed anyway so now would be the most efficient time to do it!
All students should have already completed the "Modeling Atoms" lab involving the paperclips in their DILL as well.