Advanced Placement Chemistry
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Welcome to the 2016-2017 Advanced Placement Chemistry page brought to you by Mr. Eicher.  I applaud you for taking on the challenge of one of the more difficult AP courses offered by the College Board!

Parents: If you desire a conference, please email me directly at and we will work to set up a time together. Please don't leave a message on my school phone as I rarely check that system!
Extra help for AP Chemistry is available before school starts (usually by 7:45 AM), the first half of lunch on 'A' days outside the gym, and by arrangement after school. Simply communicate with me and we will make it work!

We have a great year ahead of us and at the end, you will really be grateful for the rigor of this course as your preparations for college strengthen.  My best and most experienced hints for success in this course focus on never falling behind in your preparation.  Additionally, always make certain you fully understand the material to the best of your ability...and if seems difficult, see me immediately. DO NOT CONVINCE YOURSELF THAT YOU WILL EVENTUALLY JUST GET IT...SEEK HELP from me.  That is why I am paid the big bucks!!!  Mastering the material is best accomplished by successfully completing the DILL notebook, homework problems and preparing enough to produce high quiz scores.  If you are not performing as well on the quizzes as you think you should, come see me so we can work together to solve the problems!
It is going to be quite a year so lets start off strong and keep up the momentum!

Materials needed for class: (4 items)
Three-ring binder (2")
Spiral notebook bound notebook with holes to mount into your 3-ring binder (for your DILL - lined, not graph)
Scientific calculator
Roll of paper towels (if possible, bring in one every quarter)

Below are the opening documents.  Please print a copy of each (not given to you in class) and place in your 3-ring binder.  You will need to read and get both the safety and the Lab Plagiarism contracts signed by your parent/guardian prior to performing any lab activities...which we may begin the first day of class!


A copy of each of these will be provided the first day of class!
2016-17 Parent Letter  A P Chemistry parent letter 2016-17.docx
2016-17 Syllabus  AP Chemistry Syllabus 2016-2017.docx
2016-17 DILL Contents AP Chem DILL Instructions2016.docx
College Board Periodic Table and Equations Sheet
If you lose or misplace your periodic table...please reprint from above as you will always need one of these in this class!

AP Chemistry Lab Rubric:AP Chemistry - How to Effectively Use A Lab Notebook.docx

Test Corrections Document: (You will need these after each test.)