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In today’s competitive collegiate arena, College Edge strives to provide the best test preparation and tutoring services to our students. Our instructors are highly trained diagnosticians as well as energetic facilitators. With a wide range of experience working with differing education levels, our tutors provide a sound foundation that allows for our students’ average score increase of 310.8 across all three areas of the SAT and 4 points on the ACT.  We offer SAT and ACT courses and tutoring year round as well as tutoring in all subject areas K-12.  Our goal is to create a very personalized plan for each student’s success.  We can be reached at (843) 534-7130 and via email at  Our website can be found at:
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Prep Factory

Check out our completely FREE SAT + ACT prep site (recently showcased on FreeTech4Teachers & being used by more than several hundred other schools). 

It has the following features:

- 99th percentile instructors
- thousands of practice questions (which kids seem to love)
- gaming elements to keep kids engaged

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Tutor Uncommon

 My name is George Echo Georgas, and I am a former teacher who specializes in test prep, having worked in the SAT/ACT/GRE arenas for 15 years. Although an English teacher by pedigree, I am equally comfortable tutoring in the verbal, math, or science areas of the different college placement exams. I actually tutor algebra, geometry, and pre-calc as singular disciplines, so that typifies my expertise therein. Test prep is all about reminding students about what they may have forgotten, and then it's about showing them ways to circumvent traditional channels. I show them the traditional ways to do problems and then alternative, often more time-efficient, ways. In critical reading, I show them how to more strategically navigate passages, while also preparing them for how to deal with the very quarrelsome inference questions. I also reveal tendencies of wrong answers and how to guess when faced with two seemingly correct answers.   I offer all my students a free editing/sculpting of their college applications/essays. As long as I am given ample notice or it is a fairly quick edit, I gleefully correct and, where necessary and desired, hone it to a resonantly brilliant hue! For free, as I said...

I recommend the following books for test prep: the Official College Board SAT (the one for about $22 is fine, as you don't really need the one with a disk), the McGraw-Hill SAT book (about $22, whether 2010-2013 editions), and/or the red-backed official REAL ACT textbook (about $35). I like what Princeton Review does with both of these tests as well, in case you inherit one of these for free. All you need is the first SAT book I mentioned, but the others are listed as notable supplements.
Additionally, excellent references from scores of parents, spanning numerous area and boarding schools, are available upon request.  843-343-9989