Honors Global Survey
ancient history-gladiator


The Honors Global Survey course is designed to be a general survey in a variety of ancient cultures all over the world. It is a two-semester course taught on a ninety-minute block schedule. The class meets every other day. The survey includes the beginnings of human society, ancient and modern Greece, Rome, Mesopotamia, India, China, Africa, and the Americas. Physical Geography is incorporated into the curriculum throughout the course. 

To succeed, students must possess sound reading and writing skills. Student must also be prepared to devote substantial time to out of class study. Higher level thinking skills such as analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating are stressed in this course. In addition to factual content, essay questions, interpreting primary and secondary sources, and understanding historiography are the primary emphases of this course.

Honors Global Studies I is paired with Honors World Literature. The pairing forms the Humanities block, which allows the integration of history and literature.

 ***Each nine-week grading period will include several common assessments (intradepartmental) that consist of quizzes, tests and writing assignments.***


Students will:

  • Develop an appreciation for the study of history.
  • Develop an appreciation for a variety of methods of historical inquiry and various schools of thought.
  • Develop skills in interpreting documents and primary source material.
  • Develop skills in essay writing.
  • Develop skills in critical thinking, especially analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.
  • Develop a mastery of a wide range of knowledge about ancient civilizations develop an understanding of major events and issues pertaining to ancient civilizations.
  • Engage in activities that encompass Common Core standards.