Philosophy Club


Presidents 2018-19: Gabby Ziegler

Meetings: Announced Fridays @ lunch

Join our GOOGLE CLASSROOM for info/discussions!
The code to join is rw3lie

New Announcement:
We have 26 Philosophers in the Philosophy course from College of Charleston at AMHS for the 2017-18 school year! A full class!

Co-Presidents 2017-18: Helena Upshaw (Sr.) & Chloe Belton (Sr.)
Club Fair September 6, 7, 8 at lunch!

Greetings Philosophy Club,

Any help spreading awareness and positive energy about the AMHS Philosophical Society is very much appreciated. 
Current philosophy club members have expressed a desire to expand its member base to ensure diversity of thoughts, perspectives, and opinions...seeking to enrich discussions and deepen our understandings.

"The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently."
-Fredrich Nietzsche

Happy Recruiting!
See you at a club meeting soon!
-Mrs. Renes-

Article Link- featuring founders of AMHS Philosophical Society: Haywood White and Olive Gardner:

Dear Academic Magnet Foundation Board and Ms. Peterson,

        The future AMHS philosophy students would like to extend a large thank you for your consideration of funding for the College of Charleston Introduction to Philosophy Course as a spring AMHS elective for Spring 2017. We are sincerely interested in the subject matter, excited about the opportunity, and ready for the challenge. It is our hope that we will intellectually grow through this unique endeavor.


“It is not enough to have a good mind. The main thing is to use it well.”  

- Rene Descartes


William Wendt, Grace Ford-Dirks, Charlotte Lucas, India Manigault, James Myrick, Haywood White, Henry Lesesne (back row left to right); Alec Robinovitz, Olive Gardner, Anjali Pandey, Kirkland Smith, Campbell Long (front row left to right).

via Carrie Renes (Philosophy Club Sponsor)

Important Documents:

Interested in taking philosophy spring elective 2017; please see form: PHI101 info form.docx

Letters of Support -   
1) From AMHS student representative, Haywood White: AMHS student letter of support for Philosophy.docx
2) From Mrs. Renes: letter from C. Renes.docx
3) From CofC Philosophy Dept. Head Professor, Dr. Todd Grantham:CofC Philosophy Letter of Support.pdf

Possible Syllabi:
CofC Philosophy Syllabus.pdf
example public highschool in Ohio Philosophy Course Syllabus.pdf

Common Quotes from Philosophy Students

  • “It’s important to learn about genetics, but it is more important to learn to think. Philosophy makes me think!”
  • “Philosophy courses give you more than just knowledge of the world; they give you a deep understanding of how the world works, even how it should work.”
  • “Majoring in philosophy makes me a better thinker and a more well-rounded person.”
  • “Studying philosophy, I learned to analyze closely and critically, to question thoroughly, and to write and think rigorously.  My philosophy skills has made me more valuable to prospective employers and graduate schools.”


AMHS Philosophy Club Minutes 9/16/2015, Wednesday

Led by Haywood White and Henry Lesesne

# in Attendance: approximately 25-30 students

Common Goals/Desires Missions of the Philosophy Goal were discussed!
1) More Critical Thinking
2) Meaningful discussions that tie our subjects together
3) We want to live better lives; be better people; be better scholars
4) Search for meaning
5) Discussion Driven Club (Collaboration of great thinking)
6) Want to find answers that make sense in today's world
7) Have a Philosophy Class next year at AMHS; we would need Ms. Peterson's support and help!
8) Hear a Guest Speaker from the philosophy dept. at CofC within the next few weeks? Ethan's dad seeking to arrange a professor or a student. 
    Big Event Must Promote/Advertise!

Immediate Tasks
1) Invite underclassmen (9th,10th) to join...would like club to continue, grow, be school-wide. Currently, mostly juniors.

2) ***Provide Matthew Martin with Philosophical Quote of the Day sponsored by the Philosophy Club for announcements!***  Haywood White will provide the 1st.

3) If you have facebook, JOIN the group..."Philosophy at AMHS" for now! Henry Lesesne can also invite you. Other blog format maybe for future?

4) Would like to have a recommended reading list! Suggestions?

Meeting Times:
1) Discussion topic to be administered online via email over weekend; 1st one will be prompted by Haywood White. It will be some sort of ethical dilemma or under the blanket of Ethics.

2) Decided Wednesay/Thursday Lunch Discussions (in Mrs. Renes room for now...may move to Mr. Wright's room when she is on maternity leave)

3) Possible Off-campus longer discussions at CofC (Grace Ford-Dirks mother can arrange a space), coffee shop, library, downtown.
No Meeting tomorrow 9/17. Next meeting will be Wednesday 9/23!

Haywood's actual Agenda:Agenda 9_16-15 & member emails.pdf