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The Clemson-MUSC Summer Research Grant Application is now open and can be found HERE. A hard copy is due Monday, April 1 to Mrs. Benton. Group pic from Site Visit Here :)

Students and Parents: Please join the Google Classroom for Senior Thesis Class of 2019 with code lr4p6en. Here you will find assignments, handouts, and announcements. :)

Welcome to Thesis Central!

Here, you can find all of the information, forms, and documents you need related to the AMHS Senior Thesis. If you need assistance, please email the Thesis Coordinator at with any questions.

Students: Be sure to join the Senior Thesis Class of 2019 Google classroom (lr4p6en) to schedule your defense and submit your paper. 

Mentors and Potential Mentors: Start HERE with the Mentor Packet

Advisors: Start HERE with the Thesis Handbook
Other documents:
Thesis Rubric
Mentor Packet (includes Mentor Agreement Form)
Extension Request Form 
Thesis Deadlines

New Parents and Others: Start HERE with the Thesis Handbook

The Thesis Handbook offers an overview of the entire Thesis process with details for each aspect and person involved. Here is the Table of Contents for the c/o 2019 Handbook: 

  • What is the Senior Thesis
  • Deadlines
  • Roles of the Persons Involved
  • Format for Senior Thesis Manuscript
  • The Thesis Structure
  • Oral Defense
  • Senior Thesis Grading Policy
  • Plagiarism
  • Forms
    • Student and Parent Responsibility Contract
    • Mentor Meeting Verification
    • Senior Thesis Observation
    • Senior Thesis Extension Request
    • Senior Thesis Submission Form
  • Mentor Packet
  • AMHS Senior Thesis Rubric