Krista Cornehl
Room: 7118
Phone: 746-1300

    1A - AP Calculus AB          1B - H PreCalculus
    2A - Planning                     2B - H PreCalculus
    3A - H Calculus                  3B - AP Calculus AB
    4A - Study Hall 12              4B - Planning

Please feel free to contact me anytime; email is the best way to reach me!  

***Individual class information can be found on Google Classroom.  Students can use their school login to gain access once they have joined the class.

The math department works together to have common course content and assignments, regardless of teacher.  The following teachers also teach the same courses I do:

H Precalculus - Mr. Johnston and Mr. Percy
H Calculus - Ms. Renes
AP Calculus AB - I am the only AB teacher, however Mr. Johnston teaches AP Calculus BC.