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Rising Freshmen Summer Reading Assignments 2019-2020: Due First Day of Class
*Things Fall Apart must be read for Summer Scholars in August

Students and Parents: Please join the Google Classroom for Honors World Literature with code vavwdv5. Here you will find assignments, handouts, and announcements. :)

Mrs. Benton’s Honors World Literature

Open House Information


Hello, Parents and Students,


Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year and Open House! Students and Parents: Please join the Google Classroom for Honors World Literature with code vavwdv5. Here you will find assignments, handouts, and announcements.

Below, I’ve put together some FAQs based on common Open House discussions from years past:

Q: What are the keys to success in the class?

A: Generally, my best advice is to do the homework. Homework is intended to help the student practice skills addressed in class and/or prepare for the next class’ material. Keeping up with the homework also is a good way to handle time management; if the student is completing the daily homework, then s/he is more likely to be structuring his/her time well. Finally, homework is graded, so completing the homework helps keep the grade where we all want it to be: up!

Additionally, in order to be successful, the student must communicate openly with the teacher about his/her questions and challenges. If speaking up in class isn’t comfortable, then the student should email me (see above) or come during lunch or after school for help.

Q: How many books will my child read for this class?

A: Since Honors World Literature surveys ancient texts, we will actually only read a few books as most of the writings were not bound and/or published in the past. Students have already completed three of the books for Summer Reading, and they will later read Julius Caesar (see syllabus online). All other readings will come from the textbook.

Q: How much writing is my child expected to complete?

A: Typically, we will work on two to three major writing assignments per each nine-week grading period. These writing assignments will cover a range of genres including expository essay and persuasive speech, and we will complete a writing process for each assignment, usually including drafting, peer revision, and rewriting.

Q: My child did History Day last year. Why does s/he have to do it again this year?

A: Our school approached the History Day project as a cross-curricular exercise to help build students’ research and synthesis writing skills. Students create a 5-source Review of Literature in Honors English I as a foundation for their History Day project itself. This writing training in 9th grade prepares them for writing expectations for the rest of their academic career.

Q: My child made all As in middle school; why is he/she making such “bad” grades here?

A: Welcome to Magnet, where a B is a good grade! This question is a sticking point for a lot of parents and students, and I understand your concern. The primary reason that your child’s grades may not be as high primarily as you would like is due to the rigorous expectations and fast pace of the class and school.

Additionally, we are tasked with bringing the 9th grade students from excellent middle school writing and analysis to AP credit level excellent writing and analysis in the span of 90 classes with some being cut short or cut out altogether for testing, pep rallies, early release days, etc. This short time frame results in a steep climb, especially in the first quarter when students experience so much change and adjustment. However, I see that most students earn As and Bs by the end of the year.

One other aspect of this shift in performance is that AMHS pulls from the highest performing students in the county; these students then become stratified into a new bell curve with some performing above or below average with a “new” average among them. This shift challenges many students and parents into examining abilities with a much more thorough and nuanced perspective, discovering student strengths and weakness that may have not been as apparent in middle school.

Nevertheless, the entire AMHS faculty and staff work diligently to foster your student’s skills and confidence, and we scaffold our learning experience to bring them to a level of readiness for the next step academically.

I am ready and excited for a great year with your student!




Please join the Google Classroom for Honors World Literature with code vavwdv5.

Here you will find assignments, handouts, and announcements.



Hello, Freshmen!

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