Mrs. Benton's Junior Study Hall
Hello, Juniors!

Be sure to bring plenty of work to keep you busy. Study Hall is only a valuable resource if you treat it as such.

Bring in your 30+ hours of community service as you have them ready.

Only 3 students are permitted to go to the Media Center at a time and only for 30 minutes.

You may contact me by clicking here or by emailing me at

Mrs. Benton’s Study Hall Open House Information Sheet


Below, I’ve put together some FAQs based on common Open House discussions from years past:

 Q: What happened to RAD?

 A: We are using the first 30 minutes of Study Hall to have silent, sustained work time. 

 Q: How many hours of community service does my child need to complete? Do they have to be all at the same place? When are they due?

 A: Each student should complete 30 hours of community service in a series of manageable “chunks” of time over the course of the school year. These hours can be served at a variety of locations and are due no later than the end of May.

 Q: Where can and can’t the community service hours be completed?

 A: Community service hours must benefit the community in some way and must be completed outside of the home/family unit. For example, a student working a trash pick-up through a school club or other service organization would count toward AMHS community service requirements, while a student babysitting his/her niece next door would not.

 Q: What documentation needs to be submitted for community service hours?

 A: Students should complete a Community Service Form (distributed in class or found on the school’s website) including their own written reflection and supervisor’s signature.

 Q: Can my child serve hours for two organizations simultaneously? (Ex: counting an Eagle Scouts service project towards AMHS community service requirements)

 A: No; to earn credit towards an AMHS diploma, community service hours must be completed solely for AMHS. Yet, service hours can be completed through another organization (Ex: a church mission trip) as long as those hours are not earning the student “credit” in another capacity.

 Q: Where do I find service projects for my child?

 A: Typically, a student can find several service opportunities through the school; many will be posted in the hallways and/or read over the announcements. Other areas can be found online through websites such as or simply searching with the terms “Charleston Volunteer.”