Andy Rusciolelli

"In theory there is no difference between theory and practice.  In practice there is."

Yogi Berra

Office hours are Mondays 3:30-4:30
Test Corrections are to be made up in class during:
Focus, lunch, *before, or *after school
(*by appointment)

If you are checking this page for info on class this year, please use the following codes for each class to join the google classroom.

Join a class with a class code

  1. At the top, click Add Add and then Join class.

    Click Add

  2. Enter the class code your teacher gave you and click Join.
    A class code consists of 6 or 7 letters or numbers. For example, hjhmgrk or g5gdp1.

    Enter class code

APUSH 2B Google Classroom Code: q820gh4 
APUSH 3B Google Classroom Code: 6ketqhj
APUSH 1A Google Classroom Code: cqphlv8
AP Psych 2A Google Classroom Code: v8mo7x