Visual Art - Micheline Callicott

Artwork by Emma DeMuth, AMHS Alumna

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About Ms. Callicott
When I am not teaching art, I am making it.

Education:  BA-Studio Art (Concentration in Photography)
Richmond, the International American University in London (UK)
MAT-Art Education
University of South Carolina, Columbia

National Board Certified Teacher

My Philosophy and Approach to Art Education
 "Life in the image world has made us all voracious, if not always deliberate, consumers of visual messages.  easy access to computer graphic tools has turned many of us into either amateur or professional image producers.  But without a basic understanding of visual language a productive dialog between producers and consumers of visual communication is impossible."

--from VISUAL GRAMMAR by Christian Leborg

Visual arts education at the Academic Magnet is about understanding the visual world through production processes, divergent thought (there are many "correct" ways to respond to a question), the role of visual symbolism in our society and those across the globe, and how art history describes human history.  Like any skill, art-making can be taught and is not the providence of "the talented few".

Our Art and Music students are encouraged to try and explore...effort is more important than innate ability.

Over the year, I will update this space with news from the arts at AMHS as well as post practical material that supports our work in the classroom.

So glad you are here!