Carol Hurt

Classes:  AP English Language and Composition
       Newspaper Production


About me:

I have taught at the Magnet for 20 years, yes, longer than you have been alive.
Both of my daughters graduated from the Magnet - JoJo in 2003 and Katie in 2006.
I love dogs and this is Xena pictured below.

My education:
College of Charleston – B.A. English
The University of South Florida – M.A. Gifted Education
National Board Certified in Young Adult English Language Arts
Gifted and Talented Endorsed
AP English Endorsed 

 My favorite student excuses for being late - "The line was too long at McDonalds."
  "I was temporarily abducted by aliens."

Some of my favorite student comments: 
" Don't double-click, Mrs. Hurt, that's so 2000."
" If you were reincarnated as a dog, you'd definitely be a bloodhound"

Handouts and announcements for your specific class will be on Google Classroom.  See me for the class number.