Heather Benton
Honors English I
AP Seminar
Mentor Coordinator

Attended Lugoff-Elgin High School (c/o '97), The Honors College at The University of South Carolina (c/o '01), and Graduate School at The University of South Carolina (c/o '02). Earned a Bachelor of Arts in English with a minor in Education and a Master of Teaching in Secondary Education with a focus on English. Continued education with G&T Certification, AP English Literature Certification, AP Language Certification, AP Seminar Capstone Certification, and participated in the Lowcounty Writing Project Fall Institute for Freelance Writing and Publication. Earned National Board Certification in 2010. Lives with 2 dogs, her husband, and their daughters.

Mrs. Benton

1. Always do your homework.
2. Always bring your homework to class.
3. Always be prepared to work in class.

You may contact me by clicking here, or you may email me any questions: Heather_Benton@charleston.k12.sc.us. My conference day is Tuesday, and all conferences should be scheduled by contacting the front office or by emailing me directly.
You may view my gradebook through Parent Portal or by clicking here.

All assignments and current announcements can be found on Google Classroom:

Email: heather_benton@charleston.k12.sc.us

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