AP Seminar
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Welcome to the 2018-2019 AP Seminar course! Please join the Google Classroom with code xrgo55 to find announcements, assignments, materials, and important dates. 

Mrs. Benton’s AP Seminar

Open House Information Sheet

Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year and Open House! Parents: Please join the Google Classroom with code xrgo55 to find announcements, assignments, materials, and important dates.

First, I apologize for my absence this evening. I’m sure several of you have questions about the AMHS AP Seminar course content and process, and I hope to answer them here. In the event that I do not address your concern, I am eager to respond to any emails you send via HEATHER_BENTON@CHARLESTON.K12.SC.US; please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Below, I’ve put together two FAQs based on common Open House discussions from years past:

Q: What are the keys to success in the class?

A: Generally, my best advice is to be responsible. This responsibility includes completing the homework as it is intended to help the student practice skills addressed in class and/or prepare for the next class’ material as well as hone skills for the AP Performance Tasks and EOC Exam. Keeping up with the homework also is a good way to handle time management; if the student is completing the daily homework, then s/he is more likely to be structuring his/her time well.

Additionally, part of being responsible and successful in this class is communication. In order to be successful, the student must communicate openly with the teacher about his/her questions and challenges. If speaking up in class isn’t comfortable, then the student should email me (see above) or come during lunch or after school for help.

Q: How will the students be graded in this class?

A: Since this course work consists of both actual AP Performance Task work and practice for these tasks, students will be scored both using a modified version of the actual rubrics correlated with each task as well as a universally applicable class rubric based on a 1-5 scale that mimics the AP scoring philosophy. Students will complete many various assignments to prepare for and practice the skills required to master the AP Seminar curriculum. The assignments and universal rubric can be found in the syllabus distributed the first day of class and on the Google Classroom; the AP Performance Tasks, EOC expectations, and corresponding rubrics can be found at https://apstudent.collegeboard.org/apcourse/ap-seminar as well as in your child’s class binder.

Q: When do you begin the graded AP Performance Tasks? When are they due?

A: We’re providing a tentative scope and sequence for the course and will modify as needed:

Performance Task 1 begin October 31

Performance Task 1 complete by January 25

Performance Task 2 begin January 17

Performance Task 2 complete by April 26

EOC Exam Practice April 29-May 3

AP Seminar Exam May 7 AM

Other questions will likely be covered by the supplementary AP Seminar At A Glance handout and the course syllabus.

I am ready and excited for a great year with your student! Please ask them about their practice EOCA and EOCB experiences and their ability to generate themes and arguments from source material. J

Reminder: Please join the Google Classroom with code xrgo55 to find announcements, assignments, materials, and important dates.