Unit 0 Extending Algebra 1
Algebra 1 Concepts

Unit Zero.pdf 

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Note Answers

Day 1
A Wed Aug 30
B Thurs Aug 31 

Interval Notation, Domain, Range, Increasing, Decreasing, Constant

Notes Page 1 - top of 5

HW: Homework Packet Page 2-3 Relations/Functions

Day 2
A Fri Sept 1
B Tues Sept 5

?s on Regression
Function Intro: Distance vs. Time

Notes page 13-14, 18 #1 and 2a

​Homework Packet​ Page 1

Notes Packet Pg 18 #2b

Day 3
A Wed Sept 6
B Thurs Sept 7

Piecewise Functions

Notes Page 5-7

HW: HW Packet Page 4-5

A Fri Sept 8
B Mon Sept 11
A Tue Sept 12




Day 4

B Wed Sept 13
A Thurs Sept 14

Linear Inequalities

Notes Page 8-9

Study for Quiz 1

HW Packet Page 6-7

Day 5

B Fri Sept 15
A Mon Sept 18

Quiz 1 on
linear regression, functions, distance vs. time graphs, interval notation for domain, range, inc, dec, constant, etc.


HW: Finish HW Packet Page 6-7

Catch up on incomplete homework

Day 6

B Tues Sept 19
A Wed Sept 20

Linear Programming

Notes Page 10-12

HW: HW Packet Page 8-10

Day 7

B Thurs Sept 21
A Fri Sept 22

Quiz 2 on piecewise functions, linear inequalities, programming 


HW Packet Page 11-16

HW: BRING IN HW Packet Pages 1-10. I will randomly collect 2-3 of these pages the day of the test.

Review for Test: (WILL NOT TURN IN) HW Packet Pages 11-16

Progress Reports Friday 9/22

Day 8
B Mon Sept 25
A Tues Sept 26

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