Murray Eicher
Parent/Teacher Conferences: Please email me directly at   to arrange a conference. I do not check my school phone for messages!
Extra Help Sessions: I am available the following times for tutoring/extra help:
*Before school begins from about 7:45 AM until the tardy bell (unless I am setting up a chemistry lab...then safety procedures may not allow).
*For the first half of the lunch break every 'A' day (outside the gym entrance).
*After school on an appointment only basis (I am often in meetings or on my way to see one of our sports teams compete)!

Welcome to my class page!  I have been teaching a variety of science courses at the Academic Magnet High School since 1994 with my main teaching load focused on Honors and AP Chemistry.
I am originally from just outside of Boulder, CO and love heading back to enjoy my home state of Colorado!  My original area of interest in college was microbiology which required a thorough knowledge of biochemistry and chemistry.  I worked at a veterinary microbiology company after college and then transitioned into the teaching field.
I have an interest in most sports and still compete in individual events in the Charleston area (run-bike-swim).  I am lucky to be married to an incredible science teacher here at our school who is also involved in the same sports and we enjoy sharing these with our family, students, friends and colleagues.  Additionally, my daughter attends AMHS and will be a senior this did the past three years go quickly!