Law Education


Law Education


The Honors Law Education class is a rigorous course that is designed to introduce and to provide students with the ability to analyze, evaluate, and resolve legal disputes.  It includes criminal law and juvenile justice, torts, consumer/business law, family law, housing law, international law, as well as individual rights and liberties.  Emphasis is placed upon major Constitutional issues, the guarantees of civil rights, and the responsibilities of citizenship.  Through case studies, role playing, mock trials, and research, students will gain a practical understanding of the law and legal system, and how it relates to their everyday lives. Students must be proficient in reading and writing, as well as possess a willingness to devote time to research and study.  Students will acquire the analytic and content necessary to examine legal disputes and develop informed interpretations and resolutions substantiated by evidence.


Students will: 

  • Define law, the rule of law, justice and the court system
  • Identify the three branches of government and explain how the Judicial Branch differs from the other two independent branches of government
  • Describe the components of the Judicial Branch including the roles and responsibilities of the judge, jury and attorneys
  • Explain the State of South Carolina court structure and its various components
  • Identify court personnel
  • Identify and explain the various segments of law (i.e. criminal, consumer, housing, business, international and family)
  • Analyze court cases that illustrate major concepts and the trial process